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Chan Gailey remains the coach so willfully bland it's hard to get to infuriated at him over anything, really. What one can do with free clearance is laugh at him, especially in those moments when he decides to do something un-Chantastic, like gamble with strategy. There's nothing better than watching someone disinclined to wagering bust out the crazy stick and fly in the face of the odds--it's like watching a Mormon melt down and lose the family nest egg at the blackjack tables in Vegas. It's saddening, disturbing, and funny all wrapped into one unwieldy metaphorical hush puppy.

Watching Jim Tressel do this last season in the title game versus Florida was close...but nothing really tops the succinct poetry of this clip from Gailey Year Zero, or the exceptionally prescient bit of commentary that precedes it.

Enjoy your weekend, and remember: sometimes, you just have to take a knee.