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We're pushing the agenda for the day back given the sad news of Terry Hoeppner's death, which remains the story of the day.

A quick sampling of the blogosphere's reaction:

--DevilGrad has the Miami Hawk Talk obit. Hoeppner, a Miami "lifer" until his departure for Indiana, cites Hoeppner's "plain-spoken leadership and infectious enthusiasm."

--We Are the Postmen has a particularly moving summary of Hoeppner's short tenure written by PostmanE, an Indiana fan who says Hoeppner leaves a huge hole at Indiana.

Coach Hep still wants us, and we still want him.

--Rivals has a Hoeppner timeline.

--Purdue coach Joe Tiller, on Hoeppner at

"I know Hep was a fierce competitor, and he battled an unforgiving disease," Tiller said in a statement. "We hope they (his family) find comfort in knowing that he is no longer in pain and is in a much better place."