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Lavar Arrington crashed into a guardrail today on his motorcycle, reminding us again that if we were NFL owners, we'd employ a squad of talented young men just to steal potentially dangerous toys from our highly paid players, including motorcycles, hang gliders, and that most dangerous toy of all, your new best friend Pac Man Jones. (West VA what!)

This surprises no one on staff here, since Lavar's been crashing headfirst into things for years, dating back to his stay in Happy Valley. (HT: Ben.)

Heal up, Lavar, and rest safe that you've made your five in the league and are now pension-eligible, and had the good sense to wear a helmet, that marvelous device without which EDSBS might have never happened. Now just give the bike to Pac-Man so he can't take more than one person with him anywhere and we'll all be happy.