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Idaho football, wading out of the jetwash of Dennis Erickson's departure, has been rocked by a slew of cocaine charges and other relatively petty charges involving Vandals football players. (Pause...sip the delicious irony.)

The most egregious of all may have happened this week: textbook fraud. GET 'EM CONAN!!!

Idaho players were engaging in theft by stealing textbooks, then immediately taking them to the open end-of-semester textbook buyback, something bookstore employees noticed immediately since football players are prohibited by rule from participating in buyback if their scholarship includes a book stipend. The U of I's bookstore will not prosecute, however, due to you bloodsucking bastard lawyers, you:

"If we go to the police, it’s very expensive to prosecute," Godwin said. "If I’m talking about finding a $50 book, then the student judiciary board is effective enough."

Therefore we make no Fulmer Cup points rain on the Vandals. Conan's revenge, btw, is complete: the three players lost their scholarships as a result of the thefts, meaning they traded in thousands of dollars in scholly cash for a few hundred bucks. Your finance textbook would formally file that investment under "boondoggle." (HT: Frank.)