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Because "Cult of Personality" sounds totally awesome at 6:36 in the a.m.

If you haven't had the chance to listen to EDSBS Live yet, the "Does Notre Dame Exist?" Show is a fine place to start. (Subscribe via ITunes here.) Jay from BGS and Brian from MGoBlog excelled in our admitted farce of a debate, which was scored about as closely as an episode of "Whose Line Is It, Anyway?" or a Florida election. A HUNDRED COCKTAILS for both, certainly.

Notre Dame: pretty sure they exist after last night. They have a website--they must exist!

(And for the record, we're convinced that Notre Dame exists. Going there for a game last fall certainly helps that assumption. So does, like, a billion responses on the ND episode thread, which was, of course, part of the gag all along--mentioning them is like wearing a carrion suit in the middle of the Mojave and praying for the arrival of vultures. You're gonna get company.)

We can't go a day without mentioning West Virginia football, and not always for the right reasons. Perhaps former running back Jason Gwaltney, a rising 2005 star for the Mountaineers, would have been better off fucking fat chicks in haystacks on Saturday. It would have also been nice if he'd arranged similar entertainment for WVU's starting safety Quinton Andrews, who got entangled in Gwaltney's arrest.

Andrews was charged with obstructing an officer. Gwaltney was charged with underage consumption of alcohol, speeding and failure to produce an operator's license.

Gwaltney, much ballyhooed at one time, got injured in 2005 after playing six games. He's had two academic strokes at WVU, and is not currently enrolled. Andrews is assessed one Fulmer Cup point for the obstruction charge. Gwaltney's points do not count, as he is currently sitting out the Fulmer Cup with a sprained cerebrum.

Terry Hoeppner may not make it back to coach for Indiana this fall, a bit of news which makes your innards twist in the worst possible way when you hear it. Indiana AD Rick Greenspan makes it somehow sound worse, a considerable accomplishment, by taking the issue public in an awkward way in an interview, and all but insinuating "Hey, he's not coming back, we may need to hire a new head coach, and you should prepare for that."

Hoeppner: ominous news.

Best wishes to Hoeppner and Indiana football, whose biblical curse of a football history continues in the form of their first decent coach in eons getting struck with a brain tumor. Again, you don't have to make stuff up--most of the time, you just have to write it down.

New Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh, who bows to no man and just wishes you would, motherfucker, is working the admissions department at Stanford already.

At long last, the Hot Blogger Brackets are up at Ladies... We're in the Campbell division and just asking for a first round victory and graceful second round defeat, especially since we're using Tim Tebow as our picture.

In all fairness, however, you can find our actual image and voice on Youtube any ol' time thanks to Irishoutsider, who captured us on video last fall after the ND/Georgia Tech game talking about why you get strong drinks at gay bars.

Like the hammered, sweaty, illegitimate love child of Dwight Schrute and Jack Black...and attempting to talk in the middle of a Nightlife Decathlete evening. It doesn't get much sexier than that.