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New coach Nick Saban and Les Miles have used text messaging and other new technologies to try to get the edge in recruiting. But the two coaches, now bitter rivals in the hotly contested SEC West, have resorted to an old but reliable method of getting their message across to a recruiting base more attuned to the sound of the streets than the cheery bromides of a middle-aged white coach.

"Dawg, I thought he was clownin', but dude's got flow," says Memphis area mixtape impressario B-Crack90. "His first joint is my second leading seller, right behind T-Nutz's Xerox Me Your Thickness/ Da Remix featurin' Akon. Say-Bann got the streets bumpin' and you heard that."

Whuppin that trick on the dance flo': MC Say-Bann.

Saban made the tape on the advice of his players, who suggested that it was an appropriate response to Les Miles referring to the Crimson Tide as "Fucking Alabama" in an LSU booster meeting. Production was handled by several anonymous Alabama players, including one known only as "DJ Longshanks," and was completed in typically prompt Saban fashion.

"He dropped, like, 38 tracks in two hours, man," said DJ Longshanks, speaking on the condition of anonymity. "He was mailing them in, like, bam bam bam. We were astounded."

Sporting a delivery somewhere between Slick Rick and Eminem, Saban taunts not only Miles and LSU fans, but most of the big names in the football world on the leadoff single, "I Ain't Got Tyme (4 This Shit)"

(Warning: extremely adult language.)

Got a beef with me
You go deep on me?
Come up the 2gap
With the free safety.
So effortlessly
I dispense with thee
I ain't Pete Carroll
watching HGTV

I am the S to the A
To the B-A-N
Give my fist to Les Miles
Like a lesbian
Give whole SEC
The first foot of my dick
The flow is sick
Try not to choke, trick
MC Say-bann is raw
And I ain't
...for this shit.

Les Miles says he plans to battle Saban live when the two meet face to face for the first time since Miles initial salvo in the battle. "He better bring some toilet paper, 'cause his lyrics is butt," said Miles in a phone interview on Tuesday.