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On the heels of an Alabama Crimson Tide fan actually naming their child "Bryant Crimson" this past week, suggest names for babies and the fans who have them.

Auburn Tigers....Shug Plainsmen. Delightful mix of the formal and informal. Seriously, give us a month, and there will be a baby named this.

Arizona State Wildcats Sun Devils....Ripper McTavish. Just because with the Dennis Erickson takeover, the names have got to class up to the level of scoundrality brought to the program by the original football contract buccaneer. Ripper's the man here.

Colorado Buffaloes...Rock Brockford. Because Colorado needs a dude named Rock.

South Carolina Gamecocks...Brock Cockford. Because South Carolina needs a dude named Brock Cockford.

USC....McKay Peter. Just tony enough to have the West Coast aristocratic feel, but with enough football nods to keep people from assuming he was bound for Stanford, god forbid.

LSU....Cannon Chineezebandito. Historical, yes; but with enough flair to make it onto the roster.

Oklahoma....Sodbuster Switzer. How much would love to make an announcer say the name "Sodbuster." It would be, like, close to De'Cody Fagg good, especially if Oklahoma was blessed with the gift/curse of being the Musbergame of the week.

(Brent Musburger, btw, is aware of your internets googles and youtubes, and is being careful about what he does in bars:)

Florida. Obeecee Jackson. Combines phonetics of Ol' Ball Coach's acronym with the name Jackson. If you want your child to play for Florida, it helps to have the last name Jackson, since something like 40 percent of all Florida Players have.