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...nowish, actually. We'll be up in the mountains of North Georgia this weekend, starting early tomorrow and doing absofuckinglutely nothing for five days that doesn't involve Zubrowka Vodka, the liquor that ensures we never, ever forget Poland.

Tomorrow we'll auto post LOLQBS and Texas Gal's guide to making love to a Texas Longhorns fan--bring your spurs!--and Friday's Cheesecake will also be, like your mother on New Year's, pre-loaded. Other than that, there will be no manic in-day posting until Tuesday, as we are going to be sitting in a hot tub and re-reading Holidays in Hell and I Lived to Tell It All: The George Jones Story. Did you know kidnappers once tried to overdose George Jones by "forcing spoonfuls of cocaine" up his nose? Did you know that you can't overdose George Jones? You do now.

We'll attempt to overdose on lethargy over the next five days or so. Suspecting that it can't be done, but we'll try. And no, we're not taking a bike. Those things will fucking kill you dead.

Man break bone die funny!

Take care, --O.