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We've decided that Thursday's curriculum should be art and history. The history's coming up a little bit later. First, your art for the morning.

1. Wilford Brimley jokes are always great. Add Joe Tiller, and we're talking canon material here. Someone call Allan Harold Bloom...

2. We've never trusted a man in a sweatervest, and we definitely can't trust a man who wears short sleeves with a tie, much less that ensemble with a sweater.

There should be a name for short sleeves with a tie...what could it be...hmm...

3. Good art should disturb the viewer somewhat, dislocating them from their comfortable perspective and really forcing them to keep up with the bold vision of reality articulated by the artist.

This definitely covers the "disturbing" portion of that...

4. This might explain a few things about Reggie Nelson, actually. (Joke is somewhat layered-- see here for reference. AHHH mah bucket.)

5. Finally, men expressing emotion in an open, totally ungay way. At, like, a full sprint.