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Your Fulmer Cup scoreboard for the week of May 14th finds things awfully quiet on the Fulmer Cup...too quiet, if you ask us....

Note follows--not notes, but note. That's how quiet it is.

Notes, errata, and apologies.

Eastern Carolina needs some points for next week for the strange arrest of their defensive line coach Donnie Thompson. Thompson, now the former defensive line coach, falsified $11,000 in expense reports during what he calls recruiting. Given ECU's 69th ranked recruiting class, Thompson should have falsified a few thousand more in expenses. It should be mentioned that East Carolina did fire him for this.

Three points for stealing from your employer and being a less-than-outstanding role model for your players. Though you certainly get an 'A' for effort in the recruiting department, Donnie. The dancers of Greenville thank you for your efforts.