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From the superb comments thread below on the "Things We Know" article, we find this about LSU fans thanks to CW from Rakes of Mallow:

I’m not sure what things are like in Baton Rouge, but the LSU fans we encountered at the Sugar Bowl could be divided in to three categories:

1) Older fans, starting in the mid-20’s and up who were nice before and after the game, including offering us a Tigers t-shirt in the elevator after the game so we could go out on Bourbon in something other than our tear-and-Hurricane-stained Samardjiza jerseys.

2) College-aged female fans who certainly carried the "Southern women are so hot" torch well.

3) College-aged male fans, who generally filled the polo-wearing, Southern frat stereotype about as well as they possibly could while screaming random things all of the time.

Combine one and three, and you will have the missing fourth variety: this guy.

We think that guy summed up his own situation better than we ever could in a single word. And that word would be "Thathowieterryizzacajunboyyyeeeandwillbeeeeerazzzunfragfrrrraglahllhherrrrrggg...."