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We've got some major revisions to Fulmer Cup scoring as charges against four Penn State players have been dismissed in the apartment break in, beat-down case. More on that later today with the scoreboard post this afternoon, though the SAS Fulmer Cup page has Penn State revised to 21 points, halving their original tally in the case.

In simpler math: seven points. It's a touchdown for Maurice Purify, Nebraska wideout who was arrested Saturday night on two counts of assault and one of resisting arrest following an alleged bar fight in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Police say Purify and a friend were denied admittance by a doorman at a Lincoln bar Saturday night.

Later Saturday night, at a different bar, the Alley Bar, 1031 M Street, police say Purify saw the same doorman and confronted him.

Police say Purify threw a punch at the man. Police also say Purify also assaulted the man's girlfriend when she intervened.

You tell the manager that Maurice Purify is going to!

Total: seven points for Nebraska, whose coach Bill Callahan is "very concerned" about the incident.

At least his players aren't running naked around the halls, or god forbid roller-skating naked through them. That would be real trouble. (We don't see any football players in there, but given the pictures and alleged pictures of Notre Dame quarterbacks that have been floating around recently, we'd believe it if you told us one was in there.)