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Countless Africans really are wandering the streets of Lagos and Lome wearing "USC: BACK 2 BACK CHAMPIONS!!!" and "BRADY QUINN: HEISMANTASTIC!!!" t-shirts. Or at least we like to think so after reading about how hypothetical merchandise like "Buffalo Bills: Super Bowl Champs" tees and hats wind their way down the supply chain and onto the backs of Malian herdsmen.

An eagle-eyed reader saved one such example of neverwas memorabilia for us, however, and sent it post-haste to the Swindle Reptile Farm on Highway 78. The taste is a bit fresher on this one, however, and endlessly sweet for us.

Busted Memorabilia presents: the "Make Florida an Urban Myth" t-shirt.

The front:

Available in brilliant scarlet.

The back:

Well, it did end.

And, in your "economics illustrated" lesson of the day, the price tag:

Da hao to 'Fesser for the shirt, and for spending more money to ship it than it cost to purchase the actual tee.