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Putting your hands under center thousands of times makes you very comfortable with touching parts of men explored only by proctologists or intrepid girlfriends.

But after the rash of homoerotic quarterback photos that broke out yesterday, we thought the storm had blown over. Au contraire: being fair, we did miss one, pointed out gleefully by a certain Bulldog blogger after his own Matthew Stafford was captured spooning his backup (heh) qb at Talladega.

With that, we bring you Tim Tebow in nowhere near as incriminating a pose with an unidentified gentleman.

You've been Tebow'd. You're welcome.

Possible explanations include:

--This man was dead only seconds earlier, healed by a lick from Tim Tebow's life-giving tongue.

--Tim Tebow is winning a bet that he can inhale the man whole. He succeeded shortly after this picture, even inhaling a pool table along with him to give the man something to do while in his stomach. When he spit him back out, the man was Polynesian, thin, and could speak eight languages.

Another photo of Tim Tebow's training methods follows after the jump.

We're sure Tebow does this all the time: just running around Gainesville picking up random people and carrying them. It's a public service, really.

Look at the joy on that fat man's face!