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Let's own up to loving any and all things vintage Arnold Schwarzenegger. Anyone who can ascend from Austrian muscleboy with weak calves (why many early photos of Arnold show him posing in water) to being Governor of California, John Matrix, Brazilian ass-groping molester for hire, and the man who once uttered the line "SEE YOU AT THE PARTY, RICHTER!!!" before ripping a man's arms off in Total Recall is a a person who's lived several lifetimes in a single body with zeal, "enTOOsiaahhhzum," and verve.

Listen to the master talk about "coming day and night" in this classic clip from Pumping Iron, and again marvel at the fact that he is the governor of the largest state in America.

"Can you believe how much I am in heaven?" No Arnold, we can't. And to think he hadn't even wrestled a fake dragon in Red Sonya or made Twins yet, or even thrown a rotary saw blade through a man's head in Commando.

For someone with an entirely different take on weight training peep after the jump. But only if you want to be tougher, and you don't want to train how pussies train.

Sewer grates are awesome.