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Penn State fans need to subcontract their services out to political parties. Whatever they did in response to the announcement of a ticket lottery on Tuesday night worked so well that Penn State went back to the old "first come, first serve" policy today, not even 48 hours after the announcement. That's not a policy revision--that's an annulment.

From Penn State Associate Athletic Director Greg Myford:

"It became very apparent, very quickly, that most Penn State students want the first-come, first serve, system," said Greg Myford, associate athletic director. "So that’s what we are going to do."

Si se puede! The blue and white proletariat have spoken. Now if we could get them to get riled up enough to change the whole "Zombie Nation" cheer that's caught on there recently, we'd be talking about real progress. (We can't get hyped up about football to Europop. It's almost as bad as nu-metal in that department. BOOM! Snort Ecstasy to it? Sure. Celebrate decapitating linebacker hits? No, sir.)

This need does not apply to Virginia Tech, who clearly needs no instruction on how to rock at home games in Blacksburg: