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Ahem. Hmmmmmmmmm...mi mi mi mi miiiiiiiiii. We revise the Auburn fight song for today's latest Fulmer Cup score.

War Eagle, fly down the field,
Drunk off twelve beers and struggling to kneel,
War Eagle, always believe,
Tipsy in traffic and starting to weave,
Drive on, you orange and blue
Cause a DUI's coming for you! < ?i>

Walk-on linebacker Jacob Shirey, 20, gets a DUI early Tuesday morning. Dos puntos for Auburn, who as the Opelika paper points out have had two players arrested for alcohol-related offenses in the past ten days.

Nick Saban would like to taunt you all for this, Auburn fans, but he has no time for this shit.

I would tell you that sir, but I have no time for that shit.