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The NFL Draft is done, and experts now begin the long work of picking apart each team's successes and failures. One day after most experts do agree on the two biggest surprises of the draft: the Miami Dolphins' surprise drafting of Ted Ginn Jr., Ohio State wide receiver and kick returner, with the ninth pick of the draft, and Chris Berman's reach for an unidentified blonde at the ESPNZone Manhattan Afterparty during the sixth round late Saturday night.

"It was an absolute shocker," said Mel Kiper, Jr, who had Ginn going on the first day but not anywhere close to the top ten. "Cam Cameron thinks he's getting the best offensive weapon on the board, but that's a lot to spend for someone who's basically your number three receiver and is coming in with an ankle injury."

"And as far as Berman goes...well, that was shocking, too. He's found better prospects than that in the past."

Draft analyst Sean Salisbury agreed with Kiper's assessment. "Miami really reached with that pick. Aside from Michael Griffin's selection by the Tennessee Titans, it was undoubtedly the reach of the draft. And that chick Berman had on his lap? Like Larry "Bud" Melman with tits. Hey, have I shown you this picture of me on my cell phone?"

Fox Sports Analyst Kevin Landry echoed the shock within all camps regarding Berman's picks. "I understand that things get a little fuzzy during the sixth round of any party, but that was surprising given Berman's stellar past track record. She was thick in the lower body in the way you like, and her upper body was strong through the chest. But above the neck she had issues, and not in the way Brandon Meriwether does. A real reach, if you ask me."