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If you were to attempt the wave at your spring game, after great effort you might get a feeble ripple going two-thirds of the way around the stadium before it petered out in the bald patch of seats in the north endzone. And that's if you're lucky enough to get a good 30K to your game.

The wave at Alabama's spring game looks like this:

Ninety-five! I tooooooooooold yuh! The guy overheard in the video overshoots the actual attendance number by a bit less than three thousand: 92,138 fans showed up to A-Day, Alabama's spring game, this past Saturday. (Alabama, math, insert joke here.) And look around the stands--these weren't ne'er-do-wells and collegians loafing in the sun for free and paying lackadaisical attention to the events on the field. There's grown-ass men in full Alabama garb who likely brought the barbecue, the Direct TV dish, the backup mustache...the whole kit and caboodle.

This was no accident, people. Todd Jones of Roll Bama Roll talked to us on Saturday Night immediately after the game, sounding sun-blasted, tired, and quite happy despite the crowd making more news than the vanilla offense/defense on display on the field.

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One thing mentioned in the interview we'll repeat here is that Saban made fashion news by bringing starchy back to the SEC, appearing in the sweltering heat wearing a grey suit and red tie. We heartily encourage this move toward more idiosyncratic vintage coaching wear, especially because it means Urban's going to be coaching in Bike-brand coach shorts, high white socks, and wearing Woody Hayes horn rims with a shiny metal whistle around his neck if the trend continues. And that would rule.