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Yet another, yes still another chapter in the never ending saga that is...

Up the loco a few more degrees today to a degree we can only describe as plaid. The person who filed the Freedom of Information Act request to examine Houston Nutt's cell phone records was none other than jilted qb Mitch Mustain himself. Mustain filed the request and included a release to his mother, Beckwith M. Campbell.

That's a blue chip recruit college quarterback sifting through cell phone records using a piece of legislation usually reserved for uncovering government graft in coordination with his mother because the quarterback was benched after his former high school coach turned college offensive coordinator lost the reins to the offense despite winning their way through the SEC West, an act viewed as deceitful since the hiring of said offensive coordinator was key to blue-chipper committing in the first place to Arkansas despite the head coach saying all along that the hiring was merely coincidental and not a cheap bid to get the recruit into town following a lackluster season that had head coach in hot water with recruits, the sum total of which is this after all the hollerin' and shoutin': the coach is still in hot water.

Time to hit the Hawgberry, Don Hawg! Es muy importante! AHORA!

Addendum: Whole Hog Sports, in part of a much longer piece, has this bit of startling info:

In Fort Smith, Bragg's exhusband requested extra police patrols in her neighborhood after people followed her home and a man drove by her house repeatedly with a video camera. Callers keep ringing her cell phone and hanging up, Russell Bragg said. Sgt. Jarrard Copeland of the Fort Smith Police Department confirmed the patrols.

That's someone with a video camera hanging around Diana Bragg's house, presumably to catch Houston Nutt driving over to visit her. Just. Speechless.