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Sure, it's up on Deadspin and everywhere else--but does it have this piece of amateurish photoshop preceding it? Claro que no!

This time, the matron of the Hawg ranch makes her own dramatic entry into this episode of the Chronicas. (On a white horse? Or gliding into the room imperiously in a hoop skirt? Or on a horse wearing a hoop skirt? Something like that.) She allegedly penned this letter! Which is full of AMAZING things and excessive? punctuation! and CAPITALIZATION.

A particularly interesting excerpt:

The "haters" North of us have their armies busy 24-7, attacking us and constantly blindsiding us every chance they can.

Diana Nutt is now using the word "haters" in a casual sense, meaning that rappers such as Young Jeezy and Dem Franchise Boyz can now march under the same linguistic banner as the wife of an SEC football coach. It's clear to us now that the lexicon of common American English is being created in a tag team effort between a crack dealer on a Memphis street corner and a management consultant in Connecticut.

Read! the whole THING here.