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Blogtoberfest: like Brigadoon, it only appears once every hundred years in the offseason.

The Fulmer Cup giveth! Purdue gets two points dropped as a DUI charge goes poof! in the quantum world of legal filings...

...and the Fulmer Cup Taketh! Purdue immediately gets those two points back via a public intoxication and resisting arrest charge for linebacker Jeff Lindsay. We expect the resisting arrest charges to be dropped, since they run that place in West Lafayette.

Crist pitches, catches with Fagg. But you already knew that. Florida governor Charlie Crist visited FSU and forever became dead to this blog by restating his football loyalties in the Florida Times-Union:

"I'm a 'Nole," Crist said. "I love Florida State University and I love coach Bowden. I love what he has done for my university."

Governor Crist: loves FSU, pitching.

According to Bowden, he throws better than any governor who's ever come out to the practice field in Tallahassee, exchanging a few passes with De'Cody Fagg while he was visiting. This answers the question most people have wondered about in the Sunshine State: Crist pitches, while others catch. There's your proof.

This also marks another excuse to type the name De'Cody Fagg, who is a wide receiver for the Florida State Seminoles. That's F-A-G-G. Fagg. His last name. Which is Fagg. Who we hope never, ever, ever graduates.

Back over in Gondor... Also in the Times-Union, more Gator notes. Jarred Fayson has had a wicked spring, a rise in the depth charts fueled mostly by his newfound work ethic. Tebow's looked good, though his laggardly release has onlookers worried. Other spring practice stunners have included freshman linebacker A.J. Jones, who knocked Mon Williams stupid in the hit of the spring thus far, and freshman quarterback Cam Newton, who may now assume the role of wonderboy spoiler/relief fullback for Tebow.

Yarr! Wanted--one bloodthirsty first mate for Pirate Mike! Texas Tech's quarterback slot may be wide open this season. Apply wearing pantaloons, shirt open to navel, and with broadsword prominently displayed but sheathed, swab, lest ye be stabbed fore you see the captain's cabin.

Aside from that whole rape allegation thing...just fine, thank you. Minnesota dared 30,000 Minnesotans to show up for its spring game.

"We want at least 30,000 at the Spring Game or come Monday morning the entire state of Minnesota will have to get up at 6:00 a.m. and run for us."

Minnesota, strap on your Nikes: 15,000 showed up to the spring game, where predictably the offense looked good, the defense looked good, and everyone is "still learning systems."

The Trent, he has cut his hair. Andy Staples sadly reports the demise of one of college football's best hairdos: Trent Pupello, his hair, she is gone.

Happy Birthday to Jonathan Tu! His blog is a year old today. That he writes what he does without the benefits of medication is astounding; that he does it so consistently may be indicative of long-term mental illness. This all bodes well for his blogging future. Congrats, sir.

Luddites! CFR gets all misty talking about the maw of a playoff devouring the heart of the game we all spend far too much time loving: college football. We would, too, were we not heartless Darwinian bastards too busy betting on the reaper, taking out life insurance annuities on our alumni to fundraise, and rooting on the inevitable Voltron/Leviathan that will be the college football playoff.

More on this later, but our sentiments run pretty much like this: time marches on.