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The Big Board for this week. Notes and addenda follow.


Minnesota's a-comin', yah. Large points coming to Minnesota, who welcomed Tim Brewster and his first spring game by discovering that three players allegedly raped an 18-year old in an apartment complex where many of the football players live. The Gophers do not make the board because, for at least another hour, they won't have charges filed against them since Minneapolis court files the papers at noon.

They do however currently sit in jail with bond set at around 100K, a number which is the only telling evidence thus far in a case with little in the way of details--a hundred thou is not a number a defense attorney would take as indication of a weak case. The three players are facing third-degree sexual assault charges, which per this Star-Tribune article "usually does involve penetration, nonconsensual penetration."

Ruling: points pending with update to follow.

Florida wants you to feel what it's like to be scared. Florida clearly needs to avoid parking lots at all costs: first Justin Doe is charged with affray in a parking lot brawl, then his teammate Ronnie Wilson decides to threaten a man with both his 300 pound frame and an assault rifle, which he may or may not have discharged in said parking lot. Getting Florida players on bicycles may be the first environmental campaign all Gator fans can agree on unanimously.

Penn State's Burglary/Brawl still pending. The points are potentially huge in this case, but no charges filed, a-no points for a-you. Will monitor.

PS: Check out Run Up The Score for the latest updates on the Penn State debacle. It's Passions--style soap opera quality news.