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David Irons, he of the undying Irons brothers and their genre-defining interview, may want to bring his own shoes to the NFL Draft. More specifically, the ones labeled 'L' and 'R' that denote which foot to put them on.

Irons tied with Weber State safety Bo Reed for the lowest score on this year's Wonderlic: a four. To give Irons and Reed an idea of how bad that is, it's this many:

Vince Young and Chris Leak can now officially tell the world to go suck it--they did twice as well, and that was on the first try. That's the lowest score we can recall, with only Frank Gore's 5 coming close. (Though Brock Berlin's tennish score for a quarterback is, when graded on the qbs curve, somehow worse than all of them...except Leak and Young, of course.)

Lest we begin the Auburn/Sociology degree bashing...linebacker Earl Everett of Florida registered a five on the test, proving that his helmetless attack in the national title game really wasn't so daring as previously thought. Go Gators!