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Happy Easter to all. We'll be on the road this weekend for the holiday, visiting the ancestral homeland. Our Easter to-do list?

1. Send an email to ESPN Ombudsperson Le Anne Schreiber protesting Colin Cowherd's scuttling of

2. Open the Peeps, put them on the counter, and let that shit stiffen up for a week. Then, enjoy accordingly, since stale Peeps are tasty Peeps.

3. Get rich with a hip-hop Easter Egg we forgot about nine years ago: Camp-Lo's "Luchini." We're a sucker for any rap song with sampled crashing horn riffs.

Drive safe--we'll be pissed if we get back and you haven't opened the damn Peeps.

(Some Vogon from Viacom took down the original video. Because the song is just too good not to have, we found an alternate video using the song which may actually combine mock-b-boy posturing by wealthy white kids with the song we can't get out of our head in an even better way than we could have imagined.)