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Nous accusons, putain!

Colin Cowherd, an ESPN radio host, blew up The Big Lead this morning. Intentionally. As good a transcript as we can make typing as we listen follows:

"You and I are straining the system, that what I heard...We occasionally, once a week...we'll mention a website, our listeners will flee to it, and we'll shut it down. We feel bad about this, we don't mean to do it. It usually forces that young guy or young gal to buy more bandwidth and can be expensive. I don't know that...but wouldn't it be great if every day we gave out a new, young website and blew it up? If I told my audience every day--just one that's annoying--and we could give it to them, and our audience would blow it up?

I want everyone to go to it as fast as you possibly can. When I say go,'s three words. THE BIG LEAD dot com. THE. BIG. LEAD. DOT. COM. Go now."

You know, of course, this means war.

Listen to the audio here if you're an INsider under the tab "Breaking the Web." There's little doubt he did it intentionally, though why he directed his readers to do it is a better question. We'd go to The Big Lead to comb the stacks for anti-Cowherdism, but the site's still down.

Your ideas below, please. We need the only kind of ammunition the blogosphere has: shame, mockery, and guile, people. Piles of it.