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Spurrier, born with a needle in hand, continues to perform the tasks of goader-in-chief even as he works at a completely different university a state removed from his alma mater. If someone has to, we suppose it should be the OBC.

Again: people in other conferences have no idea what a joy this man is--until now, thanks to some cross-conference flaming poo-tossage done by Herr Ballcoach himself. From the Gainesville Sun:

The former UF ball coach slipped in a "we" when twisting the knife into Ohio State, which lost both the football and basketball championships to Florida.

"We've kind of turned Ohio State into Runner-up U., haven't we?" said Spurrier, a Gator alumnus.

Even when he's putting from a distance, Spurrier scores.

Hell naw! Well, of course he said it--divas grab the spotlight when they can, and Spurrier's a regular Edith Piaf/Celine Dion type in that regard. He even still says "we" there, as the article notes. The quote was also delivered just prior to a round of golf, natch.

We really wish we could say something negative about Spurrier, but we can't after the South Carolina game this year, the one which by all rights should have ended in a Gator loss following a Gamecock field goal.

Jarvis Moss--stayin' high-igh-igh-igh-igh-igh-igh-igh!--blocked the attempt, preserving a national championship and sending the Swamp into hysterics. Spurrier exited just in front of us. We had at least five or six reeking profanities to heap on him, but he pre-empted by slowing, pointing to the crowd, and nodding and clapping. We nearly cried because that's just the kind of co-dependent coach whore we are--he was congratulating us on the way out, and we rolled over like puppies for it despite the fact that he left the university to work for a mean, wealthy, and porky midget and left us with [NAME REDACTED.]

Having the toxic cheerleader working his vintage stuff just made our Wednesday. We're off to chip some balls into the drywall of our office in tribute.