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EDSBS LIVE! EDSBS LIVE! Now with fifty percent more quality content thanks to the gents at Now Live giving us thirty extra minutes. That means you start listening at 7:30 EST now instead of 8:00 EST. Di di mao! Di di mao!

What: EDSBS Radio

When: 7:30 p.m.--9:00 p.m. EST More time! More calls! More sounds of our ice cubes tinkling in our glasses.

Where: On the EDSBS channel at Now Live.

How: To call in? (310) 984-7600. You may also register at Now Live and participate in the live chat, where we'll be taking comments and working them into the broadcast.

Why: To entice you in a non-threatening way, we have a very special guest tonight on what we're tentatively calling our Freak Show: the alpha beta male of the very beta-male blogosphere, Will Leitch of We will interrogate Will about why anyone would pay attention to Illinois football, the wonders of being on ESPN's enemies list, and how he avoided being kissed by a randy A.J. Daulerio on what we imagine was a weekly basis.

Also joining us will be The Big Lead, fine sports gossipmeisters in their own right. We will ask them if A.J. Daulerio ever assaulted them, and also test their freak quotient by asking them our illustrious four questions, presented below for all to study:

1. Who's your favorite sporting freak ever? Priority given to college football types like Hayden Fry or Woody Hayes. However, other answers will be considered.

2. Is it harder to be weird now? Than, say, the era when Lawrence Taylor's bar-destroying rages wouldn't end up captured on someone's camera-phone and on the net in minutes.

3. Who's the biggest oddball currently in action? Mike Leach, for example.

4. What would your eccentricity be in what sport? In college football, we would down the ball after scoring a td--gently, as one would lay an ostrich egg or ticking bomb on the turf. In golf, we'd strip and dive into the water hazard at the TPC.

See you tonight at 7:30.