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Thanks to all who've submitted eyewitness reports from the practice field thus far. Try us--if you think we won't post a Ball State practice report, you're completely mistaken.

Reader, commenter, and gentleman RedRoot went to Florida's practice yesterday and discovered this:

I was able to slide out of work early yesterday and made it for the first part of practice. I few observations from an untrained eye:

- Freshman QB Cameron Newton is BIG. That shouldn't have been news; I knew about his size (and I'm 6'5" 210lb). But when he walked out, before I realized who he was, my first thought was why is that lineman wearing a red jersey. I'd read about his problem with handling snaps, and sure enough, he juggled and dropped his first snapp out of the shotgun. I didn't see him drop any more after that.

Cameron Newton: big.

Another weird impression was he looks kind of gangly when he's just standing there but looks quick and coordinated when he's moving.

- Freshman LB AJ Jones (#16) stopped Mon Williams with a loud, jarring hit during one-on-one tackling drills. It was right in front of the fans and brought a chorus of OOOOOOs, at least until, Mon didn't get right back up. He stayed down on his knees then got up and limped away with Meyer yelling, "That's one point for the defense!" (The RBs were going against the LBs and the WRs were going against the DBs for points)

- Later, during full speed plays (O vs D) from the 10 yard line, Tebow went to hand the ball of to Mon when he when down like he was shot and almost took out Tebow's legs. He layed there for a second then started yelling and grabing his leg. He had to be helped off by two trainers while never putting any weight on this leg.

- Percy Harvin is wearing the #1 jersey (not sure if this is a permanent change)

- Tony Joiner calls Harvin "Hollywood P"

Hollywood...phantom? Professional? Paraguayan?

Frightening news on Mon Williams, a microback with an alluring jukiness to him. This does, however, improve the chances of young ones like Chris Rainey possibly seeing the field in fall, so as always: it's good to be Chris Rainey again.

As for guesses what the "P" in "Hollywood P" stand for: