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Sure, they're tired of being disrespected. They're also adept students of the Dan Kendra method of recreational chemistry.

If you'll remember, Dan Kendra, the Tebow of the '90s, burned himself fucking around in his home chemistry lab during his stay at Florida State. His knee blew up during spring practice, Chris Weinke took his walker into the starting spot for the 'Noles, and Kendra switched to fullback.

Kentucky safety Marcus McClinton craves bad mojo, evidently, though he displayed smarts and a lack of manners simultaneously by taking his explodophilia outside.

McClinton was charged with wanton endangerment for setting off homemade explosives. The explosives were made of dry ice that was inserted into bottles of water. McClinton suffered minor injuries to his hand when one bottle exploded in it. Police said McClinton admitted to placing the explosives.

Dry ice--the best stuff in the world in elementary school, though woe to the kid dumb enough to pick it up with his bare hand. (Don't sweat the pronoun. You know it was a he.) We toyed with it after seeing Val Kilmer bag free sodas out of a Coke machine by slipping quarter-shaped slices of it into the coin slot.

If that's the pattern here, look for orbital attack lasers to begin vaporizing SEC coaches one at a time as they lounge in their rattan lawn chairs. Urban: seek cover NOW.

One point for Kentucky despite the enviably phrased charge of "wanton endangerment." If orbital death rays follow, though, they'll walk away with this thing humming.