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With the good people over at Sports Argument Wiki keeping score, all we lack now for a proper Fulmer Cup season is a regularly updated scoreboard. Being the jankety operation we are, we rely on our readers for chip-ins for things like food and updated graphics, which you deliver promptly and expertly whenever we ask. (Reader 'Fesser bought us dinner last night, actually--a very nice one. We repaid him by taking him to the Clermont Lounge. No, it's not a fair world, and we're not helping it.)

Hospitality, or cruel joke: no one's really sure about a visit to the Clermont.

We're still accepting submissions for a new Fulmer Cup scoreboard, and need input. After the jump, please find reader submissions. Be gentle--they took valuable time out of their day to do this.



Leave your thoughts and comments below. Danke.