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Yes, Auburn just played their spring game. That's what happens when you begin spring practice three days after the Iron Bowl. Brandon Cox received eerily uniform and positive reviews for his performance in the game, according to SMQ's round-the-blogosphere coverage, but count SMQ justly skeptical after watching Cox droop under pressure as the 2006 season progressed. Remember that in Auburn's biggest win, the 27-17 home defeat of Florida, the offense failed to score a single touchdown, with Auburn benefiting from the generosity of the Gator offense and that cursed blocked punt sponsored by Pontiac, whose cars we will never purchase as a result--take that, bastard-dogs of Detroit!

We'd weep for that loss, were we not sipping another round of Rusty Nails from Troy Smith's skull, delivered courtesy of Jarvis Moss and Derrick Harvey. In honor of the transitive property national champion Auburn Tigers, Lee Corso says War Eagle to you, Tiger Nation.