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A busy opening day in the Fulmer Cup Market--if this were late afternoon essential Marketplace on NPR, we'd be playing "We're In The Money" behind this piece to celebrate the uptick in activity.

Hawgz Shoplifitin' Skillz=unw00t. At least for starting defensive end Antwain Robinson, best remembered by the casual football fan for stealing a shovel pass from Chris Leak in the SEC championship game for a temporarily devastating touchdown. The alleged theft in question this time involves something from a Dillard's in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Judging from the aristocratic pose Robinson took in his mug shot, we're guessing it's a tasteful linen shirt--plum or eggshell?--and a snappy pair of lightweight wool trousers for the garden party season.

Hello, good sir. Make mine a Hendrick's and tonic, please.

Fulmer Cup score: One point, with possible bonus if we find out he was stealing anything humorous, like a Dillard's employee.

Drinkin' in Utah. Utah enters the competition in decidedly un-Mormonesque style with a pittance of a DUI charge for Ute WR Marquis Wilson. Wilson made an illegal turn, was pulled over, and then blew a 0.11 on the breathalyzer, a mere .3 above the legal limit. In Utah, 0.11 is considered legally drunk; in Bulgaria, that's just getting started. Wilson has been charged with drunk driving nonetheless, and has been suspended from the Utes indefinitely.

Fulmer Cup Score: 1 point.

P.S. If anyone wants to maintain the Fulmer Cup scoreboard, we're canvassing for volunteers. Payment will come in the form of pats on the back and the mention of your name with the phrase "hung like Reggie F'n Nelson" for the rest of your life on this blog.