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We've had several near-death experiences, and in each one David Niven appears in our mind in a red smoking jacket, gimlet in one hand, cigarette in the other, and starts saying things like "Boy-o, consider how bloody interesting dying in a Himalayan landslide really will be. Well, certainly you're giving your friends some new fodder for discussion, at least. Care for a drink?"

It's way more comforting than it sounds. Therefore, a long-overdue tip of the mullet wig to David Niven, our death-herald and possessor of perhaps the perfect Roman Rapier 'stache. Cheers, boy-o.

David Niven says "Happy Mustache Wednesday, friends and motherfuckers.

For further proof of David Niven's inherent coolness, see the clip after the jump where he shills for Passport Scotch with Portuguese subtitles. He says Passport is good without laughing, something meriting at least a nomination for an Oscar.