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Eagle-eyed Boi from Troy does what bloggers do best: notice something tiny, sit on it, and then wait until it becomes relevant to unleash it on the world. In this case, it's another USC Facebook Flub involving one of the White Power crue, Brian Cushing.

Cushing's crucial Facebook change, as made very late one night by...well, under Cushing's account at least. This is precisely what we would have done to our roommates had we had Facebook at the time. (With pitiful dial-up connections, we were too busy downloading Stasi surveillance pictures of Katarina Witt nude.)

The profile (with screenshot here) reads:

Brian Cushing: USC '09

Sex: Male

Interested in: men.

This is all accompanied by Cushing's picture, which is the Leprechaun from the Leprechaun Movies.

After reading this, we're so glad we didn't have to be nineteen in the public eye. That whole "bisexual republican freon addict professional rollerblader" phase was rough enough without an audience.

Guilty of Facebooking Under the Influence? Or just sloppy with his passwords?