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This is a repeat award, but with special circumstances. First, we're so freakin' excited over the outstanding EDSBS radio show last week on Now Live, which is exactly like something Carl would say. (If you don't believe us, monkey around on the Carl Soundboard for a while. He totally would say something just like that.)

Hell yeah.

Second, the Aqua Teen Movie's coming out, and we're beyond enthused about it. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters promises to be the movie that, after you drag friends and neighbors to pay nine dollars to watch it, opens a yawning chasm between you and them forever, installing a permanent unease chip in their brain when they remember you laughing at a chicken on fire, an amoral talking shake, and rocking out to the theme music by--yes--the band Mastodon.

We can't wait.