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Reader Mr. Baddley wrote us around a month ago with this question:


My car tag is due. I am going to be getting a personalized Auburn plate. EDSBS is available; can I get your permission to take it?


PS....Do I get any sponsor money? :-)

No on the sponsor money, but we were flattered nonetheless, especially since he's going to have to go around with EDSBS on his car tags long after we've sold the domain to a Mexican bootleg pharma site. (Mexican Viagra! Now with added powdered donkey penis for flavor and potency!)

So we said what the hell--sure. After all, if any fan of any team could legally lay claim to owning a site written by Florida alums, it's an Auburn grad in 2006. Plus it's a sentiment any college football fan must by definition agree with: every day should be Saturday, really. It's a transcendent message that disregards team affiliation.

The story comes full circle now as Mr. Baddley's got his license plate. We can honestly say it's the most beautiful thing we've ever seen, including newborn infants, the sunrise over the Gulf of Siam, and Ike Hilliard's "Brake 'n Shake" touchdown versus Florida State in 1996.

The plate is still available in 50 out of 51 license plate-issuing principalities. Hurry before supplies run out!

Excuse us, while we wipe a tear away.