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Dorking out to unacceptable degrees on the fact that tonight we'll be launching our career as a 456-pound sports talk host tonight. (We've got the show thing down--now time to start pounding the cheesecake to build ourselves a proper gunt.)

The particulars:

How to listen:: EDSBS Radio. Like you've got anything better to do, so click on this link to listen.

When: 8:00 EST--9:00 EST.

How to participate in a thrillingly interactive online community: To call in, you mean? But of course. Live calling is a feature on BlogTalkRadio, and you should call in. In fact, we'll be having a contest to see who can make the most cliched sports talk radio call-in tomorrow night.

The number: (718) 664-6532

We'll hopefully have a few surprise guests along the way. Click the banner below to go to our channel.

blog radio

Ripping off our favorite radio show of all time, we're taking The Bottom Line's "Five Questions segment and making it...well, quality stolen property. Our five questions for the geeks who like time to prepare:

1. Make one prediction about next season pulled straight from the deepest recesses of your ass.

2. Who's your shameshag? Someone keeps telling us that, for example, Christiane Amanpour is not hot. They are wrong, of course, but this would for a normal person constitute a "shameshag," the celebrity only you find irresistable.

There's something about a woman in a safari jacket who speaks Arabic.

3. Tweak one thing about college football. Prohibiting the wearing of pants on Erin Andrews does not count. Okay, it might.

4. Hire one coach, fire one coach. Simple enough.

5. Sweaters with ties: yes or no? It was our new year's resolution to wear more sweaters with ties. What are your feelings here?

We'll hear from all fifteen of you tonight. 'Till then, we're off the grid.