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A short but sweet entry from the mighty MAC, who with Ohio's frenetic work have already made a huge impact in the 2007 Fulmer Cup: Bowling Green's Nate Waldron is picked up for bar brawlin' outside a North Street Bar, earning Bowling Green a point for fightin' in a drunken state. (HT:Devil Grad.)

Upgrades available should felony-grade details emerge, or if he threw someone through a plate glass window, something we'll call the "80s Brawling Finish," since every action movie for ten years or so had to have a scene where someone got tossed through a plate glass window onto the pavement. They have to emerge unmussed and without a spot of blood on them, of course, and be completely fine after a few vigorous shakes of head. Otherwise, no dice.

Like sax solos, crashing through windows only lives on in Walker, Texas Ranger reruns.