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3-2-5-e 86'd !!!11!!!11!!!


It's America after all: Rule 3-2-5e has been scrapped by the NCAA rules committee.

The Berlin Wall, Iron Felix, rule 3-2-5-e...they all fall eventually, brother.

Quoth Rules Committee chair Michael Clark:

"The changes we made last year, overall, did not have a positive effect on college football at all levels...Our charge is to protect the game and do what is best for college football. Last year's game lost too many plays, but it accomplished the need to shorten the overall time it takes to play a game."

Modifications will be made, and some of them contain sense. Cut and pasted straight from the AJC:

• Limit the play clock to 15 seconds following a television timeout.

• Kickoffs moved from 35-yard line to 30-yard line.

• Reduced charged team timeouts by 30 seconds.

• Penalties for all kicking team fouls that occur during the kick can be enforced at the end of the run.

• Encourage coaches, officials, game management personnel, media partners to manage the game in a more efficient manner.

• Play clock is started when the ball is handed to the kicker by the umpire on all free kicks.

• Limit instant replay reviews to two minutes to decide to overturn or confirm the ruling on the field.

There's probably something wrong here, but we're too overjoyed at having more football in the coming year to examine them too closely. ("Hey, this Munich Agreement looks great. Tell Ms. Chamberlain we'll be home in time for tea, Jeeves!") Credit where credit is due: the Wiz of Odds and CFB Stats did more than anyone to keep track of just how much the new rules were hacking away at the game, and have to be given credit for raising awareness. Que! Que! to you and yours for your fine internets advocacy.

For now, sing with us over the gloriously dead corpse of this tyrant rule:

My country 'tis of thee
Sweet land of liberty
Of thee I sing
Of thee I sing

Far...we've been traveling farrrrrrrr...