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File under taking cheese, making sandwich: Urban Meyer caps an eyelid-flipping recruiting season with the announcement of Belle Glade wideout Deonte Thompson's LOI. Deonte commits in keeping with two Florida traditions:

1. Wideouts with curiously spelled first names. See Jacquez Green, Reidel Anthony, and especially wacky "Travis" McGriff.

2. He's from Belle Glade, one of the most desperate corners of the Sunshine State and a former Gator stronghold during the Spurrier days. The old wisdom was that in Belle Glade, you had four vocations to choose from: cutting cane, going to jail, catching AIDS, or playing football. (For a while, Belle Glade had the highest HIV prevalence of any town in the U.S.)

We're glad the 4.28-running Deonte opted for football. So's Urban, who is frankly beginning to frighten us a little with all the competence and drive busting out all over the place. His ambition seems to be without horizon, and appeasement doesn't seem to be working with him. Get Ban Ki-Moon on the phone! NOW!

Urban: so good only Microsoft Paint could do him justice. (HT: Reader David.)