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Who do we want to win the Super Bowl? The Florida Gators, of course. The Sex Cannon will extend Peyton Manning's losing streak against Florida to four straight games, thus earning Florida not only the National Championships in men's football and basketball, but also a Super Bowl Ring for gravy's sake. (Alex Brown's on the team, too. He's the one with some of Tee Martin's brain tissue in a tiny vial hanging off his wrist.)

Paraphrasing the great Tracy Jordan here: live this week like it's shark week, Rex. We know you, and despite going 9 for 25 with a pick and a fumble, will lead the Bears to victory...all with a hangover and a bruised penis from some vicious pregame Sex Cannoning.

Go Deep, Rex. And Go Gators/Bears.

And to think we knew him when he was merely a sex mortar: Rex Grossman, Super Bowl Sex Cannon, as a gunslinging Gator.