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It's Boise for two--Fulmer Cup points, that is, in the form of 2 DUI points for 19 year old Boise State Bronco Tristan Patin. Patin, a reserve defensive back, suffered from the bane of many a drunk driver: being stuck in a town with more than a few one way streets after a night of imbibing what was no doubt Idaho's finest muscatelle wine. (HT: The Wiz.)

The car was traveling south on 5th, which is a one-way northbound street, according to police. Patin's blood alcohol level was measured at 0.165 and 0.158 during a field test, according to police reports.

0.165 is good and drunk, for those of you not fond of using the in-bar breathalyzer to track your relative position on BAC Everest, which means that even if an athlete like Patin had given himself a modicum of sobering up before climbing in the car, he was likely good and hammered at one point in the evening. For someone living in Boise in January, we'd call this sober--a position the police don't seem inclined to agree with, unfortunately.

Thus 2007 begins the same way 2006 ended for Boise: a two point score, a sure sign of their growing football influence and power, earning them a tie with West Virginia for the Fulmer Cup lead. They're so good at two-pointers using misdirection, both those involving one-way streets or fantastic body language play fakes: