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Don't ever do anything on tape you wouldn't be fine seeing or hearing on the internet one day--this is a rule we attempt to live by at all times, though there was that one time we filmed a three-hour long sex tape with Shelley Smith in our villa in Port-au-Prince. You just know that one's getting out eventually. (The worst part--only about fifteen minutes of actual sex is involved; the rest is just Smith bitching and moaning about Leinart not returning her phone calls anymore.)

This rule clearly escaped Reggie Bush, current Saints running back and USC Trojans Heisman winner. Jason Cole and Charles Robinson, in a huge blow for internet journalism, have continued to dig at the unfolding story of Bush and his family's alleged roll in the slop of illegal benefits while at USC. (For more background read here.) The latest installment actually features new information: Lloyd Lake, one of central figures in the case, made tapes of discussions with Bush and his family members to protect his "investment," which included $57,000 in free rent at a luxe house for Bush's family.

The prospect of Bush being declared ineligible for the 2005 season just got several degrees more probable. It also means that in addition to being a harder inside runner than Bush, Diet Pepsi Machine might also hold a margin on Bush in the IQ and integrity department.

Diet Pepsi Machine: a tough inside runner, and will only steal money $1.25 at a time.