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We're all set to go with this wildly speculative recruiting piece when reader Craig pointed this out to us. For those of you looking for analysis, numbers, and incisive commentary, well, blame Craig, people. Blame him and the wonders of Flash animation.

For those who would like to watch fat, fat Phil Fulmer chase donuts, you're in luck. Fulmer is kind of on the brain today, since we did have a honking brontoburger for lunch today, the sort of prey Phil downs like Starlight Mints. We've also been thinking about him because Paul pointed out the fact that Fulmer, despite having a street named after him on the Tennessee campus, has gone seven years between BCS bowls, the longest streak for a coach with BCS experience.

If you want more bizarro from the maker of this fine piece, check out his YouTube page here. For those of you on prescription medications, you have been warned. You may confuse what you are seeing for nasty contraindicated side effects, which they very well might be.