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Demetrice Morley, starting safety for the Tennessee Volunteers, will not return to the uni this spring, according to the Tennessean. The cause? A common injury among student-athletes: a pulled cerebrum, or in other words, being unable to keep his GPA above a 2.0.

The Fanhouse has this great spooky pic of Morley, half in shadow, half in light (it's like he knew he was doomed!) Rocky Top Talk says Morley has no excuses, and is right. If you fail out of the University of Tennessee on a football scholarship, it's like blowing your share of a Rothschilds' inheritance. You're just not to be trusted again, even with something where your margins of error are impossibly huge.

If Jamal Lewis can maintain academic eligibility at an institution and you can't, it's time to pursue another line of work.

Morley: sprained his cerebrum.