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Before anything else is mentioned, we should tell you that we hate awards we're nominated for, since like Groucho Marx we don't join clubs due to our suspicion of any club accepting us as a member. However, we're all for other people getting them, especially the people whose work helps us kill day after precious day on this mortal coil.

Being a member doesn't mean we have to wear these again, right? Because that's the last club we joined, and those things are sweltering in 98 degree heat.

Given that, you have scant time to vote in this year's College Football Blogger Awards. They recognize the oddball exploit of college football blogging and those who are particularly innovative and good at it. The only rationale for the picks came in terms of value added: were the nominees doing something different and new, and not just rehashing what print journalists do in online form? Were they funny and insightful while doing it? And while doing so, did they send us free swag at polite intervals throughout the year?

(Full disclosure: we contributed to the final selection committee, but generally slacked off during most of this whole process. We pressed for one nomination for ourselves, and one only: the nod for the Lee Corso Song. We were nominated for the Michael Lewis interview, but if we actually sang for something, we wanted a nod. You should totally vote for Friday Night Lites in that category, anyway.)

The full ballot is over at Rocky Top Talk, where Joel's moved whole sierras to get this thing together. We're nominated in the following; click any of the snappy logos to vote.

CFB Award Nominee: Funniest Blog

CFB Award Nominee: Best Prose

CFB Award Nominee: Best Community

CFB Award Nominee: Best Post

CFB Award Nominee: Best Regular Feature

CFB Award Nominee: Best Gag

CFB Award Nominee: Best Podcast/Audio

CFB Award Nominee: Best SEC Blog

CFB Award Nominee: Mythical National Champion

Should we win, we can only hope to come up with a speech as grateful and mind-searing as that of Sacha Baron-Cohen at the Golden Globes.