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Knowing what your constituents want is an essential skill of politicking. Jack Kingston, House Rep for the 1st district in Georgia, has this, or at least believes he does. Via In the Bleachers:

The House passed a resolution praising the Florida Gators on their recent National Championship. These things are usually passed unanimously and give said honoree something official to recognize whatever they accomplished.

Not so fast my friend on this one, it passed 414-1. Who in their right mind would go on record against Florida winning the championship? A misplaced Ohio State fan? Steve Spurrier’s sister? Some Auburn booster?

That would be Jack Kingston, who made up the lone member of the lone anti-Florida constituency in the United States House by voting against congratulating Florida in the ceremonial resolution. You'd expect us to be enraged by this, but thorny spite like that doesn't escape praise around here. We imagine the same, sick feeling we'd have if a vote praising Bobby Bowden for anything came up. We'd likely do the same.

That said, we still hope he gets flattened by a rolling ball of rattlesnakes while taking out the trash. Fuck you, Jack Kingston. Fuck you in your waxy, pox-ridden ear.

15-2 and counting,



Jack Kingston, dickface. And hell yes we're hotlinking this.