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For those combing through their respective bowl games frame-by-frame, there's always little tidbits of joy you missed. A gnarly block; a particularly amusing expression on a play; or even a USC Song Girl's bare ass on television for a blink's worth of softcore cheesecake.

(Nothing in this category beats what we spied in the stands during the NFL playoffs this weekend: a drunk blonde woman in New Orleans who, for a full five wondrous seconds, showed off her "FUCK DA EAGLES" t-shirt center frame before Fox hurriedly switched shots. Which they most certainly did not show on purpose. Rememember: Fox hates you, which is why they're debuting Ow! My Balls! on Thursday night. You can't--and won't--miss it.)

One of those nuggets for Gator fans has been this moment of delight, where we find out that any and all guilt associated with giving Ohio State a grievous and overdone death roll on national television evaporates in the viewing of a single gesture. Watch #55 Curtis Terry at the end of the play here. He should be easy to find-- he's the one elbowing Tebow in the head.

There's a Zapruder style and sadly unembeddable copy here. The incident illustrates just how off OSU's scouting reports on the Gators were, since scientists concur that blunt force trauma only makes Tim Tebow stronger and larger--as Andy James Lauranaitis, the BEST LINEBACKER IN THE WORLD1111 found out in the same game.

Curiously enough, an angry Tim Tebow also emits pheramones that smell of cinnamon buns to his friends, and of burning metal, cordite, and sorrow to his enemies.

Mmm...cinnamon buns.