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OS, 9:22: Part Two begins with Notre Dame looking not at all doomed after Jamarcus Russell reveals his ugly side of Culpepperness: being very, very turnover-prone.

PB, 9:24: Missed FG from the Irish wastes the turnover. Funny thing: I'm seeing lots of these stir thingeys waved about like pom poms. There's clearly some confusion in the stands.

OS, 9:27: Yes, we know they're really just pom-poms. Just like lip gloss with plain label gets called "MANLY NOTGAY EXTREME SPORTS BALM." Florida fans think these are effete and unnecessary.

It's not a purse, it's a european carry-all.

SM, 9:30: For the record, at Florida you will seldom see a man with a pom-pom, unlike the rest of the SEC. Also, Zalesko looks horrid in HD.

PB, 9:31: Zalesko gives guys everywhere a reason to be wary of staying the night. The morning look might not be much fun.

OS, 9:36: Stranko! Huzzah to you, sir. Zalesko doesn't quite look right in HD, you are correct:

PB, 9:38: Terry Bradshaw: not ashamed to be dumb. I rather admire that, to be honest.

OS, 9:42: Brady gets away with one. Jonathan Zenon, despite his alien heritage and surname, does not hold onto a sure pick. How gassy and noble of him. Bradshaw thinks it was a pick, but what does he know. He couldn't pass the TCA.

PB, 9:43: It's good to know that the replay folks are always watching an entirely different game than everyone else.

OS, 9:48: Brady decides to give Jonathan Zenon another chance for an interception, which is quite gentlemanly of him. Zenon takes full advantage of it and holds on for a pick.

PB, 9:52: Watch the LSU offensive line push around the right tackle for the Irish. They're pinballing him around on pass protection.

OS, 9:56: LSU's just misfiring all over the place. Missing field goal, getting pass-wacky. Perhaps Peter's right about Les Miles and the idiot thing.

OS, 10:01: ND's looking very much like a vintage Patriots drive. Toss here, toss there, dink here, crossing patterns...Charlie's crunching digits with speed right now.

OS, 10:04: ND's tied it. The Ent is fuming.

PB, 10:06: Les Miles is at his funniest when he's flustered. You can see what little bit of intelligence he has just whisk away with the emotional confusion. This should be a great game from here on out.

OS, 10:08: Jamarcus Russell flicks the ball sixty yards effortlessly without stepping into it. He then ruins Irish underwear everywhere by running directly through a poor, now-deceased defender for a touchdown. He was such a nice boy, really.

PB, 10:12: I hope one day I have an opportunity to "sit down with my family" to discuss whether I'd like $55 million dollars now or in one year. I bet that would be fun. "Hey, Mom. How badly do you want that Escalade? Like RIGHT NOW bad? Or, It Can Wait bad?"

OS, 10:17: Terry Bradshaw says he doesn't need security where he lives. This means he lives next to Jamarcus Russell.

BTW, Terry was a ladykiller before he started eating all that frozen yogurt and crying himself to sleep in his la-z-boy. Regardez:

I think the only decision Jamarcus will have difficulty with after this game is which girls get half the dick on Monday, Tuesdays and Thursday, and which one he pencils in for the full shamu on Wed, Friday, and Saturday. But not on Sunday. That'll be his day of rest.

Second quarter, concluded. We'll put up the third quarter and pause for a refreshing Fresca and Everclear.